Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ole Miss Sorority Rankings Update Part 2

We decided we're going to post it on wednesday due to our hectic schedule. We don't want to throw up some junk these incoming freshman will see.

If anyone has access, could you e-mail us what sorority had the top GPA from last semester/year? Also if you have the rank they are in send that too.

If there is any other relevant information/pics that you have on your particular sorority (for example if you won charity bowl, derby day, greek open, or fight night queen last year) please send that also. This is also your opportunity to tell me why another sorority doesn't deserve to be at the top. We promise not to post who sent it to us, but definitely want some gossip.

E-mail us at rateyourclassmates@gmail.com. 

Again...sorry for the delay, but we will have the post up tomorrow.

Thanks again to some very funny Delta Gamma's for that hilarious e-mail.

Rate Your Classmate Team

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  1. I can't wait to read y'alls article. This site is so cute!!

    Go Tri-Delt!!