Thursday, August 14, 2008

Number 5: Miss Susan Akin

Hello again and welcome back to our first of five countdown to the all time greatest Ole Miss women alumni. 

Weighing in at number five is Susan Akin. Today we know her as Susan Akin-Lynch. This babe is Mississippi home grown from the great town of Meridian

While attending Ole Miss in the mid 80's,  this Pi Beta Phi princess won a little pageant called Miss America!!!

Here is a video of her crowning via you tube (Please excuse the douche bag speaking at the beginning. He obviously didn't attend Ole Miss, but hey those were the days before Donald Trump could pick the moderator.)

WOW!!! What a body on that blonde bombshell. I'll leave you with a video of her during the talent competition. 

**You may feel the need to hit mute due to the guy trying to be cool at the beginning and the song being too sappy. I highly recommend playing Hank Williams' "If heaven ain't alot like Dixie, I don't want to go" from your Itunes while watching this vid. That is all.**

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