Wednesday, August 13, 2008


With our first post here at "rate your classmate", we are firm believers of starting with our core and since "our" is Ole Miss, let's start with the greatest school ever founded.

Everyone in the country should already know Ole Miss parties, but did you know the Rebels have hot chicks?

With school soon starting in Oxford, our crew will be rigorously sorting through the thousands of girls that Oxford has to offer. Having said that, we need to give the crew some time to find out who the freshman are before coming to any quick conclusions. As a result, we will be rating the top five alumni starting tomorrow.

If you want to help our team out please send us names/pics of a potential top "classmate" to make our rankings more valid.

Also if you see a pic that is yours or your friend and you want it taken down e-mail us at

In the mean time, enjoy these great pics above of several current Ole Miss rebelettes. 

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