Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ole Miss Sorority Rankings Update Part 2

We decided we're going to post it on wednesday due to our hectic schedule. We don't want to throw up some junk these incoming freshman will see.

If anyone has access, could you e-mail us what sorority had the top GPA from last semester/year? Also if you have the rank they are in send that too.

If there is any other relevant information/pics that you have on your particular sorority (for example if you won charity bowl, derby day, greek open, or fight night queen last year) please send that also. This is also your opportunity to tell me why another sorority doesn't deserve to be at the top. We promise not to post who sent it to us, but definitely want some gossip.

E-mail us at rateyourclassmates@gmail.com. 

Again...sorry for the delay, but we will have the post up tomorrow.

Thanks again to some very funny Delta Gamma's for that hilarious e-mail.

Rate Your Classmate Team

Number 1: Miss Mary Ann Mobley-Collins

Okay to be able to beat out Olivia Manning which is literally Miss Ole Miss, you've got too be good right? I mean you would have to be like the most original girl from Mississippi. Like Miss Mississippi. Like the first Miss Mississippi to ever win the Miss America pageant. Like the original Elvis girl.

Well that's exactly who she is. Mary Ann Mobley could make Olivia, Abby, Susan, and Kate all get on their knees and bow down to her if she wanted. She is the one who paved the road for them. She single handedly made Ole Miss what it is today, not to mention what she made her sorority.

Mobley was born February 17, 1939 (69 years old) in Biloxi, MS but from what we understand later lived in Brandon, MS. She was became Miss Brandon before becoming Miss Mississippi. Mobley was a member of Ole Miss' Tau Chapter of Chi Omega sorority, before becoming THE original elvis girl.

If you think Olivia Manning was graceful in her video below check this out...

She was an Ole Miss rebelette and was rumored to have dated briefly our friend Robert Khayat while in school. But those were the days before she was big time. She ended up marrying movie actor Gary Collins who we all think is just great. After all, Gary is like any other Ole Miss frat guy. He has the Mississippi hair swoop. He wears his khaki shorts so high his jewels are practically falling out; and most importantly he likes to drink. Please click here for proof.

There is no question Mobley is number one in our book and hope you enjoyed our series. We leave you with a tribute to her.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ole Miss Sorority Rankings Update Part 1

We meant to have an article done by today, but it's been a real busy day. We will be rating Theta first and should have that posted by tomorrow. We will also post the number one Ole Miss female alumni.


Rate Your Classmates Team

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Number 2: Miss Olivia Williams-Manning

Yeah you guessed. Another great looking woman. Another sweet southern belle. Another sorority girl from Mississippi.


Mrs. Manning beats out the other Mrs. Manning because of two reasons.


1) She is a proven winner.

 She has successfully given birth to two super bowl MVP quarterbacks. Abby has yet to do that, but we are rooting for her.

**Also as a side note. If Eli is having trouble getting her pregnant, we at “rate your classmate” are more than willing to step in and help out. It’s not because Abby is hot, it’s because we are team players and don’t ever forget that.**

 2) She married Archie.

 Ole Miss wouldn’t be known as Manning U with out ole Archie. Think about it. Here you are living in Philadelphia, MS one day helping mom and dad at the old Williams country store and the next you’re dating arguably the most famous SEC quarterback of all time. Wow that was a no brainer.

Olivia was born and raised in Philadelphia, MS May 19, 1949 so that makes her uhhh…..(we failed college algebra freshman year too)…uhhh 59!!! Her momma was crowned May Queen while attending East Central Junior College while her daddy helped run the Williams Brothers Store. Sounds like their conversations around the table were intellectual. Maybe that’s why Eli was such a genius?

Regardless, she was h-o-t hot while she was part of Delta Gamma’s Alpha Psi chapter. The thing that probably makes her the hottest is her gracefulness. She sits there quietly and watches “the boys” play their football. Like other Ole Miss DG’s, we believe she is hottest when she says these words. Just kidding. We at rate your classmate think Delta Gamma is great and can’t wait to write our review of them in the upcoming weeks.

Listen how graceful she is...

 Coming in at a charming number 2, Miss Olivia Manning.





Saturday, August 16, 2008

Number 3: Miss Abby McGrew-Manning

That's right. It's that simple. You marry into the Manning family, you automatically get bumped up past the hundreds of thousands of women who attended Ole Miss. I guess it doesn't hurt she doesn't look bad either.

Abby McGrew, now known as Abby Manning, is originally from Nashvegas, TN and attended Ole Miss around the time Eli was throwing bombs to Bill Flowers via his right arm. She was a member of Kappa Delta's Alpha Mu chapter. She then moved to New York ironically where Eli was playing to "study fashion" as an account executive for Pamela Roland

It's cute. It really is. So typical of a KD, but so great. That would have sucked if Eli had dumped her at the last minute to go after Jessica Alba. As legend has it, Abby apparently told a sorority sister "Eli can do whatever he wants as long as there is a ring on my finger." Well ladies and gents Eli did whatever he wanted, and she got the ring on her finger.

You think Abby's momma is happy she chose Ole Miss? Hells yeah, but more importantly Abby needs to get pregnant so we can get another Manning quarterback at Ole Miss.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Number 4: Miss Kate Jackson

This southern fried babe is from the great city of Birmingham, Alabama where there is a history of pumping out fine gals. In fact, Birmingham was almost as cool as Oxford until this.

Anyway, who is Kate Jackson you might ask? Only a Charlie's Angel!!!

She attended Ole Miss in the late 60's to early 70's and was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority.

After leaving Ole Miss early (so we're guessing she isn't an alumni but whatever), she left for New York City to pursue her acting career. We suppose that was a smart choice as she has won four golden globe's and three emmy's. 

She has gone through three husbands and has successfully battled breast cancer twice. Sounds like she needs a good taste of the grove to cheer her up. 

Apparently you don't need to be an Ole Miss graduate to become a certified optometrist?

O well. Today is your day. Here at rate your classmate, we honor you at number 4.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Number 5: Miss Susan Akin

Hello again and welcome back to our first of five countdown to the all time greatest Ole Miss women alumni. 

Weighing in at number five is Susan Akin. Today we know her as Susan Akin-Lynch. This babe is Mississippi home grown from the great town of Meridian

While attending Ole Miss in the mid 80's,  this Pi Beta Phi princess won a little pageant called Miss America!!!

Here is a video of her crowning via you tube (Please excuse the douche bag speaking at the beginning. He obviously didn't attend Ole Miss, but hey those were the days before Donald Trump could pick the moderator.)

WOW!!! What a body on that blonde bombshell. I'll leave you with a video of her during the talent competition. 

**You may feel the need to hit mute due to the guy trying to be cool at the beginning and the song being too sappy. I highly recommend playing Hank Williams' "If heaven ain't alot like Dixie, I don't want to go" from your Itunes while watching this vid. That is all.**