Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Number 1: Miss Mary Ann Mobley-Collins

Okay to be able to beat out Olivia Manning which is literally Miss Ole Miss, you've got too be good right? I mean you would have to be like the most original girl from Mississippi. Like Miss Mississippi. Like the first Miss Mississippi to ever win the Miss America pageant. Like the original Elvis girl.

Well that's exactly who she is. Mary Ann Mobley could make Olivia, Abby, Susan, and Kate all get on their knees and bow down to her if she wanted. She is the one who paved the road for them. She single handedly made Ole Miss what it is today, not to mention what she made her sorority.

Mobley was born February 17, 1939 (69 years old) in Biloxi, MS but from what we understand later lived in Brandon, MS. She was became Miss Brandon before becoming Miss Mississippi. Mobley was a member of Ole Miss' Tau Chapter of Chi Omega sorority, before becoming THE original elvis girl.

If you think Olivia Manning was graceful in her video below check this out...

She was an Ole Miss rebelette and was rumored to have dated briefly our friend Robert Khayat while in school. But those were the days before she was big time. She ended up marrying movie actor Gary Collins who we all think is just great. After all, Gary is like any other Ole Miss frat guy. He has the Mississippi hair swoop. He wears his khaki shorts so high his jewels are practically falling out; and most importantly he likes to drink. Please click here for proof.

There is no question Mobley is number one in our book and hope you enjoyed our series. We leave you with a tribute to her.

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